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The Hidden Gem Next Door

Bellaire features great options for a unique dining experience during the busy seasons:

Option 1: Wait for a table at Short's

Option 2: Wait for a table at The Bellaire Bar

Option 3: Wait for a table at The Lakeview

Options 4 through 8 also include good food and, well... some waiting.

But wait! I'm on vacation! I just want to go somewhere nice with excellent food and fast, friendly service, but I don't want to wait!

The best kept secret in the entire Shanty Creek Resort area is tucked away in a cluster of buildings called Shantytown. Heading into the main entrance to the Lakeview Hotel, one might notice a gift shop on the left side of the street and a handful of parking places. Next to that gift shop is a little pub called "The Shanty." Stop there and you're in for a fun night. The menu is limited, but the scene is lively and comfortable.

The more adventurous, however, might saunter past those two buildings - perhaps drawn by the twinkling lights or the smell of fresh pizza - to find a cool little restaurant in the back. The place is called "Guido Sarducci's." It seats less than 50 but makes up for its small size with eclectic décor and a ton of character.

The food is some of the best we've had in Northern Michigan. We're pretty sure some famous chef was stranded there by the snow some years ago and hasn't quite been able to dig out, so continues to create excellent fare for the small crowd of patrons. We have tried everything on the menu and have yet to discover something that's not fantastic. BONUS: It's right at Shanty Creek Village, so it's 10 minutes closer than downtown Bellaire!

So if you're interested in rubbing elbows with some of the locals in a nice environment and enjoy great food, swing in for dinner. If you're lucky (or brave) enough to engage Barkeeps Mike or Abbey in conversation, tell them "The Brothers" sent you!

Sarducci's regulars in their natural habitat.


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