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30 miles. Kalkaska to Traverse. Off-road. Weather conditions irrelevant.

The Iceman Cometh Mountain Bike Challenge happens this Saturday.

It's only 30 miles. And since Kalkaska is at a higher elevation than Traverse City, it's a strange thing that it seems almost ALL uphill. There's some mud, some rain. Often snow. But this race, born almost 30 years ago, brings riders from everywhere in the country (and out of the country). It starts at Kalkaska High School where thousands of riders in winter gear leave in waves every few minutes to begin their charge toward the woods, the two-tracks, the sand and the mud. Those that finish are greeted hours later by friends, family, music & beer.

Need an awesome vacation rental to stay at for next year's Iceman Cometh Challenge? Mountain View Townhouse is only 25 minutes from the starting line. Not to mention, right next door to Schuss Mountain, Shanty Creek and everything that Bellaire has to offer.

Good luck 2018 riders!


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