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Arrival Information

Accessing the Property

There is an electronic keypad on the front door.  Just touch the screen with the palm of your hand to activate it.  Then type in your access code to unlock the door.  (Push the lock icon to lock the door when leaving).   YOUR ACCESS CODE AND THE PROPERTY ADDRESS WILL BE EMAILED TO YOU A DAY OR TWO BEFORE YOUR SCHEDULED ARRIVAL.

What to Bring

  1. Swim suits and beach towels (even in the winter, we have access to some nice pools and hot tubs - and also there's an outdoor barrel sauna at the house for your enjoyment).  We provide bath towels for as many people as the property sleeps, hand towels, and washcloths.  We ask that you please bring your own beach towels if you plan to swim or use the sauna.  

  2. We provide an initial supply of paper towel and toilet paper – but depending on your family’s expected use, you may want to bring some extra. 😊

  3. Even though you are surrounded by nice restaurants, you might want to bring food and drinks to take advantage of the full kitchen. 

  4. If you’d like to have a fire when you get here, you may want to bring newspaper as a starter, in case there isn’t any at the townhouse.

  5. Personal hygiene items (soaps, shampoo, etc.).


Driveway / parking: When you arrive, pull up the gravel driveway (there is a sign at the street next to our address that says "I'm Glad You're Here" 😊)  There is parking in the gravel driveway for cars up by the house.  The house sits on a hill and the driveway is a bit steep.  Use caution and be aware of the boulders along the drive up by the house.  In the winter months, the driveway will be plowed, but 4x4 can come in handy.


There is also a narrow paved road in front of the house that can be used for additional vehicles.  If parking on this paved road, please make sure you are pulled off to the side so that others can get through (see parking map below).   


If you have a trailer / boat it may be difficult to get up the driveway and park.  There is a trailer/boat parking lot about a 5 minute drive from the A-Frame, across the street from the main entrance to Shanty Creek (see resort map)

Parking / Driveway map

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