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The Pools

For pools at The Summit and Schuss, just take the pool card – hanging by the front door - and swipe it at the pool entrances for access. Please return it after each use.  If you have any questions regarding the pools, please call Shanty Creek Resort – 866.695.5010.


From Memorial Day to Labor Day, the outdoor and indoor pool / hot tub at Summit Village (Lakeview Hotel) are open, as is the indoor pool at Schuss.  (Pools are usually open from about 9am-9pm, but check, as times vary throughout the year)   


In the off-season, the only open pools are the indoor pool and hot tub at The Summit Hotel, and the indoor pool at Schuss Village (although this one has more restricted hours.) NOTE:  The resort charges us $125 for a lost pool pass card and that charge is passed along to the guest if lost.   

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