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About Valley View Lodge

Fireplace & Firewood

 Firewood is normally available for your use.  EXTREME care should be used if you are using the fireplace.  Please make sure the fire is not tall enough to enter the flue.  Also, do not load the fireplace at the end of the night and allow to burn unattended overnight - fires should ONLY be going when someone is there to monitor.  Starter sticks are provided, but please only use a couple of them to start a fire.  Using more than a few starter sticks can result in the fire overheating the fireplace.  Detailed instructions for operation are on a laminated card on the coffee table.  We try to keep firewood stocked for your use, so please feel free to use it.  However, firewood has been in scarce supply over the past couple years, so we can’t guarantee it will be available.  The local gas stations sell bundles of firewood, so you may want to grab some just in case.

Outdoor Firepit

If using the bonfire pit, please use care and keep the fire at a reasonable size so embers don’t fall out and damage the deck.  Do not use the fire pit in times of high winds.  ***PLEASE don’t leave cigarette butts in the firepit***

TVs, Bluetooth & Gaming

All of the TVs are Roku smart TVs. There are instructions on how to run apps or just watch cable upstairs and downstairs. Instructions for the tabletop video game are located downstairs next to the game.  Please do not put food or drinks on the glass.

Small Appliances

Our coffee pot has 2 options, you can make a full pot of coffee, or single serving using k-cups. There is also a crockpot and electric frying pan.  Note there is also a refrigerator for your use downstairs near the bunk room.


There is a propane grill on the deck for your use. We try to keep propane tanks filled but if tanks run out, you can exchange the tanks at Mancelona hardware or several gas stations in Bellaire. If you should purchase a refill tank yourself, we will be happy to reimburse you for the cost. Please remember to get a receipt – thank you!


Please clean up after pets and do not allow them on the furniture. 


There is a fire extinguisher in the fireplace area – please familiarize yourself with its location.


We have high speed Spectrum internet for your streaming/browsing use.  Access info is located in the kitchen area (you will also receive login info when you book)

Other Items...

Heating and Cooling: The primary heating and cooling is provided by the white, wall mounted units (one on the main floor and one in the loft area). Each one has its own remote control - just push ON/OFF, and set the temperature where you’d like it.  For added heating if necessary, there are baseboard heaters in each room that have their own heat control, either on the wall, or on the baseboards themselves.  There is also a wall mounted heater on the lower level.  Please keep children and pets away from the registers on the walls and floors since they can get very hot.  Use the ceiling fans (remote control by the thermostat) to keep air moving and things comfortable.


Bedrooms: One of the queen beds is a firm mattress and the other is medium to make sure we are accommodating all tastes.  A travel crib (Pack n Play) is also provided for your use.


Linens: Towels are provided, but please do not use towels as beach/pool towels.


Like most of the properties at Shanty Creek, we have electric-heated water.  It’s usually perfectly fine for 2-3 showers, but longer showers may require you to wait a bit before the water heats back up for additional showers.  

The Shanty Creek Resort complex is very popular and there will be both permanent residents and guests in the surrounding houses.  We want you to have a ton of fun up here, but we need to respect our neighbors’ ability to do the same thing.  Therefore, we have a very strict “good neighbor policy”.  If we receive a complaint regarding excessive noise or inappropriate behavior, we may have to ask you and your group to leave the premises.  This almost NEVER happens, but everyone in this beautiful setting deserves to enjoy themselves, so please let’s work together! 😊

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